Essential Tips On Dating Someone with Herpes

Dating someone with herpes may be a bit off especially for people who don’t have this disease at all. How do you precisely know when you have this kind of medical issue? According to the current statistics, almost 90 percent of individuals infected with herpes don’t know that they already got the illness. In view of the fact that mild herpes does not have signs or symptoms, unless the outburst comes out or you underwent a medical checkup, this will be the only time you’ll know that you have been infected with the herpes virus.

Herpes could be transmitted in so many means, so the big and most important question is “is dating someone with herpes safe?” As a matter of fact, if you are dating someone with herpes, you need to recognize how serious the illness is. Even if it is awkward to ask somebody about this infection, it is still important to know if your partner is infected with the herpes virus.

Prior to becoming intimate with somebody who is infected with herpes, it’s a smart idea to get checked up or tested for any kinds of sexually transmitted disease. When you are active sexually, there’s an odd that you could have a sexually transmitted disease and you are not aware of it. If you could get a clean bill of well being, you will know where to stand when it comes to STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Aside from that, you will also be conscious of a number of precautions you should take.

When someone you’re dating has this condition and is undergoing treatments or medications, doing the act with enough security will somehow make a huge disparity when sleeping with somebody who does not have any idea about having this medical condition and definitely is not doing anything to cure the disease.

Always keep in mind that dating someone who is suffering from herpes could be done safely and securely. Only because somebody is infected with this medical concern does not mean that he or she could not live a normal life. Both of you should be accountable as well as take the needed precautions in order to prevent the illness from spreading.

The best way to avoid getting herpes is to become open with each other. Many people will be capable of telling if they are going to have an outburst. These individuals might experience an itchy sensation in the genital parts. Abstain from sex during this period.

Dating someone with herpes should not be a major issue. Although the illness is tagged together with a dim-witted disgrace for it being a sexually transmitted disease, do you believe you know the threat between sleeping with someone who has involuntarily got the illness without offering any cures at all and sleeping with someone who is curing his herpes? So, you choose. You need to be careful. Being honest with each other is important if you are dating someone with herpes.

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Report shows that dating apps fueling a spike in STDs but STD dating apps PositiveSingles and Hope say NO

Dating apps are a form of responsible dating that allow people with STDs to date amongst each other and stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

dating apss

According to a recent report on Wreg, it is being suggested by some that dating apps are responsible for an increase in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. This could not be further from the truth.

The purpose and function of STD dating apps is to provide responsible individuals living with STDs, a dating platform on which they can connect with other people who also test positive. This is the very definition of responsible dating.

STD Dating apps such as HOPE and PositiveSingles help individuals find compatible matches in love and friendship without infecting someone who does not already have a sexually transmitted disease. The spokesman of Hope commented that, “If health and government officials would do a thorough investigation, it would be revealed with clarity, the positive function of STDs dating apps. Hundreds of couples have united successfully and would not have had the opportunity to meet other individuals who test positive had it not been for these apps.”


HOPE (version 1.10) and PositiveSingles (version 4.56 ) are dating apps that help to stop the transmission of STDs by providing a powerful global dating platform for individuals with sexually transmitted diseases to date each other.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:


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Dating apps increase STDs?



SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Many people in the Mid-South used dating apps for quick hook-ups, and health departments are concerned as popularity spreads, so do STD rates.

Some users called it spontaneous and fun, but health experts said it made casual sex easier than ever and spiked STDs rates.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of people who tell us they found their partner using social media,” said David Sweat with the Shelby County Health Department.

Sweat said last year, one out of ten patients claimed they got a STD after meeting someone on a dating app or website.

A huge jump, considering Sweat said no one mentioned the dating apps three years ago.

He told WREG he expects the number to keep going up.

“We can’t really stop people doing a behavior like this,” said Sweat.

Instead, Sweat’s team adapted and came up with ways to fight back.

When an STD is confirmed, doctors at the health department find out who their partner was and which app they used.

“Then we or the Tennessee Department of Health can try to find this person, and discretely let them know, ‘Hey, you need to come in and be tested,’” said Sweat. “We try to convince them to do that.”

Sweat said proactive methods like these work.

STD rates in Shelby County, dubbed some of the highest in the nation, have dropped since 2009.

“Progress is being made, but we still have very high rates of sexually transmitted infections in Shelby County,” he said.

Some companies didn’t buy the claim and said there was no real evidence linking dating apps to STDs.

But users told WREG if you’re on the app, you’re likely looking for one thing.

“They’re trying to just get it on or whatever,” said Logan Simpson, who recently tried Tinder.

To get tested for STDs, head to the Shelby County Health Department.

It costs $10 for an exam, medication and treatment.

See more at Wreg

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number talks

Herpes-Did you know?

number talks

If you think you are alone think again. The 2015 statistics show otherwise.

In the United Sates, 25 percent of Americans live with an incurable STD. There are 500,000 new cases of genital herpes each year in the United States. The annual cost associated with genital herpes is a whopping $250,000.000!

16.2 percent of Americans age 14-49 have genital herpes and 80 percent of adults have oral herpes or cold sores. Think about that for a second and realize that almost everyone around you has experienced a form of herpes.

We can break this down a little further by looking at the fact that 20 percent of women are infected with genital herpes compared to just 11 percent of men. This shows us that women are much more at risk then men.

Ladies are you wondering why your risk is so much greater? Thank your vagina– the lining of the vagina is thinner and more delicate than the skin on a penis so it make it easier for viruses and bacteria to penetrate. The vagina also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and flourish.

The statistics also show that while 39.2 percent of African Americans are infected with genital herpes only 12.3 percent of Caucasians are infected. There is not a real clear answer as to why African Americans are at such a higher risk.

The studies show that, in conjunction with the statistics of women being at a higher risk, African American women have the highest of all risks. They mostly account this to the number of people who are infected and don’t know it. Which leads to the next shocking statistic; 80 percent of those with herpes are unaware they are infected! Again, that is nearly everyone who is infected. This is a result of women who have outbreaks inside the vagina and are therefore unaware or the fact that only 10% of people infected actually have an outbreak. If you are infected but showing no symptoms you are still contagious 10% of the time. This means that it is important to get tested so that you are not unknowingly increasing these statistics.

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Support groups, websites that may meet you needs

This is a collection for all the groups, websites of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Genital Herpes, together.

Dating websites:


















To read the full reviews of all these sites, please check

Local support websites:

Bay Area Friends (BAF)
San Diego HELP
Central Cali H Friends
Colorado H Friends
Central Florida H2O Group
Friends on the Beach
Indianapolis HELP
DC-H2O Social Group
HELP of Washington (DC)
Boston Herpes Social and Support Group
Boston Help Group
Detroit – Metro Detroit HELP
Rochester HELP
Washtenaw County HELP
MN Family Planning + STD Hotline
Charlotte H friendship and support
Cincinnati HELP
Ohio Friends
Pittsburgh United Friends
Friends Over Texas Annual Event in May
DFW Friends
Houston H Friends
DC-H2O Social Group
Seattle H Scene Public Website
HELP of Washington (DC)

Yahoo Groups

Arizona Singles With Herpes
Tucson H Friends
Little Rock H Friends
SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes
Bay Area Lesbians with Herpes
Southern California Friends 
Sac Friends Yahoo Group
South Florida H Social Club
Northern Florida H Friends
Sarasota-Bradenton H Club 
Tampa Bay H Club
Atlanta H Club
Central Illinois Prairie Friends
Illinois H Friends
People of Color Chicago (POC Chicago)
People of Color (POC) Ohio/Indy 
Louisiana H Friends
Capitol City Friends – Lansing
Motor City Friends
People of Color – Michigan
Twin Cities Lesbians with Herpes
People of Color (POC) Social Networking Missouri 
Las Vegas Friends
Northern Nevada Friends
New Jersey Friends
Herpes New York
Herpes Information New York
People of Color New York
437737 Buffalo & Western NY with Herpes
Upstate NY Friends
Hudson Valley Friends
People of Color – North Carolina
Carolina H Club
Upstate SC and Western NC H Group
Living With HSV in the 419 – Toledo
People of Color (POC) Ohio/Indy 
Oklahoma H Club
Portland Area Friends
Philadelphia Friends
Northeastern Pennsylvania Friends (NEPA Friends)
Carolina H Net
Upstate SC and Western NC H Group on Yahoo
Memphis H Friends
Austin Friend
Austin HELP Support Group
San Antonio Friends
Clear Lake Texas Friends
Vermont H Friends 
Virginia H Friends
Capital Area Friends Yahoo Group (Olympia/Tacoma)
Eastern Washington, Inland Empire, and Spokane Washington
S-W-A-G Herpes
Herpes Hangout -Australia
Vancouver H Friends  -Canada
Vancouver HELP Support Group -Canada
Forest City Friends -Canada
Five by Five H -Canada

Meetup Groups

Meet Alaskans with HSV2
AZ Heeps
Bay Area Friends (BAF)
San Diego H Friends
Socials All Over Southern CA
Happy Social  and Vibrant Socials
South Florida Herpes
CHicago  Friends – “H” Social Group
Twin Cities H Social
Southern New Mexico and El Paso H Community
Genital Herpes is Not My Identity
Herpes Dating New York City
Club 437737
Austin H Friends
Southern New Mexico and El Paso H Community
Houston H Friends
Social Houston Heeps (SHH)
Clear Lake and Galveston County H Friends
Seattle H Scene
Vancouver H Friends
H Support and Social Group Ottawa
The Raleigh H Club


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How to continue with your love life and dating after Herpes?

Like everyone else who is involved in dating, you never think twice about safe sex, STDs, or getting yourself or your partner tested, isn’t it? Have you been diagnosed with Herpes? Do you feel that your love life is over after being diagnosed with Herpes? These are just myths and here are a few tips that can help you understand and assist you in continuing your love life and dating after herpes:

Confide in your partner: It is always the hardest thing to do once you are sure that you have been detected with Herpes. But the right thing is to let your partner know about it. Whether I is a five year relationship or a five months fling, it always comes down to the complication when you have to unveil it to your partner. It is advisable to confide in your partner about the syndrome so that you both find ways to stay safe and secure.

Practice safer sex: It is advisable to that you practice safer sex once you have discovered that you have Herpes. Prevention is better than cure. Always use protection whenever you have sex as the precautious measures would save you from the horror. There are special condoms available which also cover the testicle of males. Whenever you plan to have anal or oral sex, use anal diaphragms and shower cap condoms. These are the measures that can help in transmitting the syndrome.

Clear your doubts: You can smoothly continue your love life after being diagnosed with Herpes. It isn’t necessary that you have to live in the sad bubble that your love life is ended and there isn’t anything interesting or happening left. Instead, clear all your doubts and risks with your partner. Research about your syndrome and carry all the safety measures that can help you and your partner.

It is advisable to follow the aforementioned tips as they can help you lead your love life smoothly after being diagnosed with Herpes. Always remember that this is not the end of your life, every fifth person around the world is diagnosed with Herpes yet they lead a happy and lively life. If you have a true and genuine partner, he/she wouldn’t mind if you have been detected with Herpes. So, make sure that you are with the one who values you.

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