How to handle dating when you have Herpes?

Before you have had Herpes, you might have dated just like anyone who is willing to date does. Going out to bars, meeting new people by attending social parties and trying to make new friends; however; it all changed when you discovered you are dealing with Herpes. Dating changes when you find out that you are dealing with Herpes; your perception towards dating changes and you start feeling and thinking differently. Henceforth, to help you handle dating when you have Herpes, here are a few tips:


Don’t be Judgmental: Once you discover that you are diagnosed with Herpes, don’t start judging yourself. You are just dealing with that syndrome. When you get involved with someone, it isn’t just about sex or getting physical. There is so much more to it like getting to know each other, supporting each other and discovering interesting things about one another. If you like someone and they like you as well then Herpes is just a word.


Clear it before you proceed: You don’t have to keep hiding or veiling that you are dealing with Herpes, from your partner. Some or the other day they will eventually come to know about your condition. So, it is better to clear it out before you start getting close and intimate with one another. If your partner discovers about it on their own or in some other way, it might look like a betrayal. However, it is better that you handle dating in a more truthful manner by disclosing it to your partner. If they genuinely love you, they will stick with you no matter what.


Be with the right one: There are more than 25% people around the world who are dealing with Herpes and it is one of the most common syndromes. If you are dealing with Herpes, get to know everything about the syndrome, the risks and the concerns related with it. When you are ready to let your partner know about what you are dealing with, then confide in them. The wrong person would walk away and act in a strange and mean way but the right one wouldn’t mind. Though it is always better to stay safe and use precautionary methods while dating but be with the right one who values you for who you are.


The aforementioned tips would help you handle dating when you have Herpes.

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Law suit alleging Positive Singles of violating privacy norms shows the dating site in negative light.

Despite various allegations that accuse leading STD dating site PositiveSingles.com of incorrect practices, the fact remains that this dating portal has improved lives of hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. The site has changed in leaps and bounds over the years and has matured into a fully – functional and secure dating portal exclusively for people having STDs such as herpes, HIV / AIDS, HPV and HCV, among others.

The website has undergone drastic changes in the last 3 years. Inclusion of new interactive features, a brand new user interface and revamped privacy options has made this site one of the best in the STD dating segment. The recent verdict on a law suit that was filed in 2011, aims to portray Positive Singles in a negative night.

However, there is no denying the fact that Positive Singles wasn’t as advanced in the pre – 2011 era as it is today. It is the trust of its users that has made PS the number one STD dating site in the virtual world. The Successful Match group, which owns the website, has made significant changes to both the features as well as privacy policies to ensure user data isn’t compromised at any point.

The primary motive behind this move has been to instill confidence among users who wish to find a companion or friend on this site. A couple of law suits were filed against the company in the recent past too. Nevertheless, none were competent enough to damage the company’s reputation. With the loyal user base and trust that this site has managed to build over the years, the Successful Match group is sure to emerge victorious yet again.

In fact, dating and relationship experts believe that PositiveSingles.com is working for a noble cause. Bringing together STD positive singles from various corners of the world to one single platform, where they all are united isn’t an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, the site that began operations in 2001 managed to do it with perfection and the increasing membership base is a proof of this.

Medical experts believe that the chances of transmission of an STD increase manifold when a person having an STD initiates sexual or sometimes physical contact with a healthy person. In case a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, it is recommended that he / she take adequate precautions while engaging in any sort of a sexual behavior. Moreover, in an ideal scenario getting physical with another STD – infected individual is a safest thing to do.

PositiveSingles.com is where you can get in touch with STD – infected people from across the globe. It is a large community wherein every person is willing to lend support and accept the other person regardless of their medical condition. In fact, it has been observed that people bond better when they have something in common. Another parameter that takes this site far ahead of its competitors is the information is provides to users.

Positive Singles isn’t just a dating portal for people with an STD. It is where people can get to know more about their health, possible treatment methods and STD care locations in their area. Every aspect of STDs is covered here thereby giving its users the confidence of leading an absolutely normal life.

The site has a dedicated forums page and a blog where users can share their ideas and opinions pertaining to anything under the sky. Dating tips and advice can prove to be critical for those new to the world of online STD dating. Users can also get in touch with a live STD counselor to get their queries regarding their medical condition resolved. There are over 1600 success stories that users can check out in order to assess the benefits that people have received through this dating portal.

The unparalleled success of Positive Singles can be owed to the aforementioned reasons.

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You are not alone… There are Millions like you

First of all I would like to thank each and every person on herpes-dating.com for being so open, caring and willing to help me out when I had no one by my side.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with the herpes simplex virus. I was dating a guy whom I thought I could trust and spend the rest of my life with. However, it turns out that I was being cheated. Besides, he also gave me a STD that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I was never comfortable during the diagnosis process. The doctor I was seeking help from judged me and that made me even more uncomfortable. I was in desperate need of someone to talk to and get some quality advice. I felt so lonely and depressed. No one in my family had shared that they had herpes so I wasn’t okay with doing so either.

Then I got to know about this amazing website. It was so good to see complete strangers coming out to help me deal with symptoms and offering unconditional support. I read many stories of people who found love online and that inspired me. I hope that one day I can make some impact on a person having herpes.

Advice for others

Remember that you are a wonderful person with an STD. This doesn’t taint your character. Keep your head high and don’t let this ruin your life.

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stay positive with herpes

Be positive and everything will fall into place

HERPES – this is probably the last thing you’d want to hear from your doctor. However, my doctor wasn’t 100 percent sure about it so I had to wait for a while before it was confirmed.

I was a Saturday and things haven’t been the same since. I was woken up by a call that confirmed the diagnosis report. I had Herpes. I did not deal with Herpes as soon as it was diagnosed nor did I start taking medication. I chose to stay with my boyfriend, who gave it to me in the first place. Many won’t understand the intentions behind this move, but I felt that people wouldn’t accept me with an STD and rejection was the last thing I could take then.

But in due course of time I realized that herpes is just a tiny part of me and doesn’t define who I am. I have got to understand that I am not the only person having herpes and that it isn’t the end of the world.

Herpes is just like flu. The symptoms appear and go away in a week or so. All you need to do is understand your body, take proper medication and never look behind. All this doesn’t happen overnight and will require a great deal of patience.

Advice for others

Maintain a positive outlook towards life. Things could have gone worse. Although, a lot of things aren’t justified in life, bear in mind that you are alive and are going to live a great life.

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Maintain a positive outlook, happen what may

I have had herpes for over 4 years now. It was not until recently that I opened up and learnt to talk about herpes without hesitation.

I as dating a guy, who I thought was the love of my life for over 2 months when I decided to take the fast lane and ended up having unprotected sex. A month later, I started developing symptoms of herpes. Initially I was in a state of denial but when things started to worsen, I consulted a doctor. I was diagnosed with Herpes. I told my boyfriend about it and to my surprise, he was extremely supportive.

On asking whether he had herpes or if he was cheating on me, he denied both the allegations. Six months later, he confessed that he had been involved with multiple partners during the entire course of the relationship. I felt cheated, lonely and deeply hurt. Nevertheless, I continued to stay with him because I was under the impression that there would be no one who will accept me the way I am.

I got to know about this website very recently and this has certainly been a ray of hope for me. I am now beginning to feel comfortable with Herpes and have made a lot of awesome friends.

Advice to Others

Remember the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Try to stay optimistic. Herpes isn’t a death sentence, it’s only a beginning of a new phase of life.

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Herpes has taught me a lot about life

Although I have understood the importance of such experience in developing a developing a different perspective on life, I would never wish this dreaded disease on anyone. This is my personal experience and I believe many would connect with it, it not all.


I experienced the inflow of a certain type of strength and wisdom on facing the challenges associated with herpes. I don’t really see such qualities in other people now. Sometimes, this makes me feel superior compared to others who don’t have this. Although the way in which I got herpes wasn’t anywhere close to textbook negligence – I wasn’t using protection. Nevertheless, it has been a life changing experience and one that has made me very suspicious in the department of trust.

It has been the most challenging phase of my life that has taught me the value of love. I believe everything happens for a reason and it is only a matter of time that an event is justified. Herpes has been a blessing in disguise in my life. The one most noticeable thing about the experience is how strong it has made my connection with those who have it. Thanks to herpes dating website, I have made many friends and no longer feel left out and lonely.

Advice to others

Everything gets better with time. There is no need to be worried about whether you will find your ideal match. You’ll certainly find someone on this website who will accept you the way you are.

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