Medicine Scam

Herpes Dating Online-How to avoid Herpes Medicine Scam?

It is unfortunate to know that there are many dishonest people and firms that prey upon people having an STD such as Herpes. It is the natural tendency of an individual with herpes to find out a way that could reduce or eliminate the symptoms of herpes. Such people usually become soft targets and fall into this trap. Since herpes symptoms or outbreaks go away within a few days or weeks even without any medication, people assume that it’s the medicines at work.

Medicine Scam

Some of the herpes cure scams are intelligently disguised as trust – worthy, backed by false research or testimonials. These testimonials are posted in the form of comments from people pretending to be genuine. Unfortunately, this is all done at a professional level, which makes it very difficult to differentiate between real people with herpes and scammers or online characters and experts or doctors.

It has also been observed that such scammers take to the internet to sell their products or services. Industry experts have advised that people with herpes shouldn’t start any kind of treatment without consulting a physician. Similarly, any medicine shouldn’t be administered unless prescribed. Scammers give a sense of hope to people with herpes and when the reality comes out, it brings emotional turmoil along with it.


One such product that claims to make the body herpes free within 90 days is Resolve Herpes. Although the website is clearly trying to promote their product as a herpes cure agent, it never mentions this. The website, however says that they haven’t gone through the expensive and time – consuming process of getting an FDA approval.

It is clearly written that Resolve Herpes is officially not allowed to claim that it can diagnose, treat or cure any disease. There are several natural products on the market that claim of treating herpes and boast of 100 percent results. Such products that claim of curing herpes are generally marketed in a very clever fashion. Moreover, their refund policies are designed in such a way that
nobody could qualify under them.

Most of these products are detoxification agents and the best they can do is to boost the body’s immunity. Here is why you shouldn’t trust any “natural” agent that claims of curing herpes:

There are no scientific evidences that prove their effectiveness.
There is no way by which a detox treatment could cure a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes.
Even if the mineral treatment did help in improving immunity, it still wouldn’t be able to fight out the herpes simplex virus. Nonetheless, it can keep the infection under control. This means that
you would have fewer outbreaks and the symptoms wouldn’t be very severe.

Right now, both doctors and researchers working in the field of herpes treatment and cure believe that once you are infected with herpes, you are infected for life.

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How to protect your privacy on herpes dating websites

Although the practice of dating or meeting new people on the internet has gained widespread acceptance, people are still unaware of the risk it poses to their individuality. It has been noticed that people continue to indulge in activities that puts their privacy at stake in the virtual world. The importance of privacy is critical, particularly when you are using a herpes dating site.



Herpes dating websites are striving to make their experience seamless and secure. However, it still isn’t easy to choose a service that strikes the perfect balance between usability and privacy. Nonetheless, it is always better to put in a little effort when it comes to safeguarding your identity and maintaining a certain standard of privacy. It is vital to learn the ground rules of online herpes dating.

The most common mistake that people make is they treat dating website just like social networking websites such as Facebook. It is important to understand that in case of Facebook, you are sharing information with friends and not strangers. On the contrary, dating websites require you to share information with people you haven’t met or spoken to. Although you might treat them as potential partners, trusting them right from the beginning isn’t advised.

We recommend the following guidelines that will ensure your privacy on herpes websites.

1, Abstain from sharing your full name, residential or office address and telephone on the internet.
2, Try sharing information pertaining to your personality, ambitions, objectives and interests without giving specific date. This will prevent others from knowing your true identity.
3, Never send money to someone you haven’t met in person. Besides, if you realize that a person is hitting upon you for money, the best thing to do is discontinue the relationship. In most, such incidents lead to bad experiences.
4, When you have made up your mind to meet in person, arrange for your own transport and meet in a public place where there are many people around.
5, Don’t hesitate from saying no if a person on the website asks for your personal information.
6, Avoid sending digital photos as they might contain metadata, which can reveal the location where the photos have been taken.
7, Never use the same name that you use on other platforms such as Facebook as the other person might eventually trace you down.
8, Never be in a hurry to add the person you met on a herpes dating website on any social networking website. This will make your personal information accessible to him.
9, Choosing a Herpes dating website based on privacy settings

Almost all leading herpes dating platforms offer similar privacy statements, mentioning that your personal information will be stored for the purpose of profile match and will not be sold to any third – party vendor. If a website doesn’t promise privacy, don’t consider joining it.

We recommend you PS, one of the first and largest free dating sites for people with herpes. It’s safe,anonymous and private,protect users privacy very well.


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Getting a Kick -Start with Herpes Dating

Discovering that you have a sexually transmitted disease such as Herpes can be devastating particularly when your love life is void. When a person is diagnosed with Herpes, his mind gets occupied with thoughts about dating and relationships. In fact, some people are under the impression that finding a partner on getting herpes is not possible.


So, why is dating with herpes so nerve – racking? Following are the concerns of people with herpes seeking a date.

  • Fear of being judged.
  • Fear of getting rejected by a person they are interested in.
  • Scared that they would transmit the virus to another individual.

However, in reality there is nothing much to get scared about. There are a few guidelines, that is carefully implemented will certainly give you a pleasant experience. Here are the guidelines:

  • Herpes is, in fact just a disease: Herpes is only a disease and doesn’t define who you are. It makes no point to think how others are going to react on learning about your health. One thing that you should bear in mind is that dating is always accompanied with heart breaks, sorrow and drama irrespective of your medical conditions.
  • A majority of the population seek a date because the other person is attractive, interesting and they want to spend quality time together. When these feelings are genuine, herpes is just a little thing to deal with.
  • There are ways of reducing the risk of sexual transmission of herpes: Many people fear that they might give herpes to their partner and therefore, abstain from dating. Although this is a genuine concern, there are several ways of reducing the risk of transmission.Using condoms and dental dams significantly reduce the risk of HSV transmission.
  • Join a dating website for people with herpes: Once you have done adequate research and made yourself emotionally strong enough to start dating, it’s time to find a platform that will connect you with people seeking relationship / friendship. Joining a dating website like that will give a kick-start to your dating life is definitely helpful.
  • You might face several rejections, but the right person will not refuse: If an individual really likes you, it is likely that he/she might accept you the way you are, irrespective of your medical condition. It is advised that you talk about herpes with your partner and give him/her all the necessary information pertaining to it, besides following all the precautions.

The most ideal scenario would be to date a person who already has herpes. You will be able to find several people having herpes on dating websites dedicated to such individuals. Nonetheless, throughout the process of finding a date, you should remain optimistic. Dating requires patience and you cannot land a partner in a couple of days.

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Do General Dating Sites Work for People with Herpes to Find Love Online?

Once you have understood the nature of herpes and gained a fair deal of knowledge on the same, it’s fair to consider getting into a relationship, provided you are currently not into one. This can be a tricky phase as you are opening up to something you haven’t done before.

People with herpes don’t prefer socializing or dating for one simple reason – fear of rejection or being judged. Individuals feel that their image might get tainted when others get to know about their medical condition.

Now that online dating has completely taken over traditional dating, it would be wise to get onto one such platform. Modern dating websites boast of an extensive feature – set that can help users interact with people residing in any part of the world. However, things tend to get a little complicated for those with an STD like herpes.

General- Dating-Sites

Picture resource:Google

When it comes to online dating, the websites or platforms can be broadly classified into 2 categories – HSV dating sites and general dating sites.

Out of all the websites on the internet, herpes – specific websites are probably the best platforms for people with herpes. Many people with herpes prefer having a partner who already has the virus. This way, the virus cannot get transmitted once again to the other person. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the chances of rejection as both the partners share the same virus. This makes the “I need to speak with you” conversation avoidable or easier.

There are innumerable websites that cater to herpes dating. However, not many are known to deliver top – notch services. A majority of these websites are user – friendly and have plenty of users, thereby making it easier for you to find a partner. If not a romantic partner, you can surely find a friend.

On the other hand, there are general dating websites that have users from various walks of life. It isn’t necessary that members on such websites have an STD. This makes it very difficult for people with herpes target the right persons for dating. In case you have herpes and choose a general dating website to find your dream date, chances of getting rejected are extremely high.

Moreover, in this way, you will have to make it clear that you have herpes and things cannot be as easygoing as with any other relationship. The reason behind this is others don’t like dating people with herpes fearing transmission of the virus by physical contact.

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to find an ideal match on a general dating website. If you are not scared of rejections and take dating in a sporting manner, choosing a dating platform is hardly of any consequence.

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Tips for single people with herpes to meet singles online

Most people who date online knows where to look and what to look for.  And, many of them will surf it via Yahoo, Facebook, Google+ and some general dating sites.

But for people with herpes, it is more likely that they will go to genital herpes dating sites for singles that are specifically designed for people with herpes as dating services can provide a more private and anonymous platform to them than any other dating site. Here are some useful herpes dating tips summarized by the marketing director of


1. Go to a dating site that is known to all. If people don’t know one, they may get help from their friends or use online search engine.

2. Be honest. People need to treat the online talk as a face-to-face talk. The majority of the dating sites for singles with herpes have online chat room feature for their users to talk with others. When people are ready for dating with someone, they need to make sure they are honest and they don’t talk other topics if they are just looking for dating.

3. It is better to have a webcam chat before people meet in person. When people meet the right one online, it is better for them to invite their partners to have a webcam chat before they meet in person. This way, they will not be so disappointed at the look of their partners when they see each other in the real world. If people don’t have a webcam, they may need to exchange photos with each other before they meet.

4. Tell partners the truth no matter you are rich or poor. People also need to tell their education status, marriage history, occupation …so that their partners can know them all around before they start dating.

5. People should not contact others who have different type of STDs from them. The reason is simple. If both of the two have the same type of STD, there will be no chance for either of them to get another type of STD. Or there will be a chance for both of them to transfer their STD virus to each other.

6. If it is possible, try to chat with people for more than 100 hours before meeting in person. This way, they will have more chance to know each other better.

7. It is better to find people who are in 100 KM away. If they are near from each other, there will be a better chance for them to step to the success. When they want to meet in person, the distance will be a big problem to prevent them from meeting in person if they live too far away from each other.

8. Protect yourself from dating scams. If someone has very gorgeous photos and shows strong interest in another one at a herpes dating site, the person has to be very careful when contacting him or her. Never send money to a person when dating.

9. Try the best to encourage each other by sharing some STD experience and advice. This makes a person trustful.

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How to Date and Have a Love Life after Herpes

It is no secret that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, and people who suffer from the disease may effectively consider themselves out of the dating game. However, there is absolutely no reason you should stop looking for love and fun in your life. In fact, there are ways in which you can safely begin to date and even have a healthy, fulfilling relationship despite your disease.

Acknowledging the Disease


For most people who find out they have herpes after they are already in a relationship, the most difficult thing to do is to talk to their partners about it. There is constant fear of being abandoned after confessing about their condition. However, if you hope to be sexually intimate with your partner, you have to broach the subject sometime. It is important to consider that the disease does not detract from all your other qualities. There are a lot of things you can still do without any fear. Kissing, fondling and cuddling, for instance, are completely safe and have nothing to do with your disease. You can have sex when you do not have an outbreak, so discussing these options with your partner can be really helpful.

Starting to Date


If you are single, and have just been diagnosed with herpes, it may seem like the end of the dating game for you. However, it doesn’t have to be so. There are millions of people who are living with herpes, and it is not always impossible to find someone who has the disease and understands you better. This in no way means that you can only date those who have the disease too. In fact, you can begin to date outside of the herpes community too. You just have to plan your love life better and be honest with your partner. Before getting sexually intimate with a new partner, you should talk about your condition and how you can safely continue to have sex without passing it on. A lot of emotional support groups are sprung up in the last decade, and many of them help couples who want to have a normal life post herpes. You can seek support from them.

Handling Rejection


Not everyone would understand about your disease, and so you should be prepared for rejection as well. Still, no amount of preparation can help you from feeling dejected if someone rejects you for having a disease. On the brighter side, anyone who dates, may have to experience rejection. In fact, rejection is a natural part of the dating game, so try not to take it too personally. There is someone special out there, who will love you for you, and would not be disturbed by the fact that you have a sexually transmitted disease. So unless you find this person, you should not give up on love. Meanwhile, show yourself a little love too. If you are confident and willing to take chances, you will soon have love in your life.

Important note:

Your health care practitioner can help you chart out a plan for healthy living. With the help of retroviral drugs, you can prolong your periods of remission and improve the likelihood of leading a normal life. Proper home care, along with medical intervention, can help you approach your dating life with more normalcy and confidence.

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