Report shows that dating apps fueling a spike in STDs but STD dating apps PositiveSingles and Hope say NO

Dating apps are a form of responsible dating that allow people with STDs to date amongst each other and stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

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According to a recent report on Wreg, it is being suggested by some that dating apps are responsible for an increase in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. This could not be further from the truth.

The purpose and function of STD dating apps is to provide responsible individuals living with STDs, a dating platform on which they can connect with other people who also test positive. This is the very definition of responsible dating.

STD Dating apps such as HOPE and PositiveSingles help individuals find compatible matches in love and friendship without infecting someone who does not already have a sexually transmitted disease. The spokesman of Hope commented that, “If health and government officials would do a thorough investigation, it would be revealed with clarity, the positive function of STDs dating apps. Hundreds of couples have united successfully and would not have had the opportunity to meet other individuals who test positive had it not been for these apps.”


HOPE (version 1.10) and PositiveSingles (version 4.56 ) are dating apps that help to stop the transmission of STDs by providing a powerful global dating platform for individuals with sexually transmitted diseases to date each other.

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Dating apps increase STDs?



SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Many people in the Mid-South used dating apps for quick hook-ups, and health departments are concerned as popularity spreads, so do STD rates.

Some users called it spontaneous and fun, but health experts said it made casual sex easier than ever and spiked STDs rates.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of people who tell us they found their partner using social media,” said David Sweat with the Shelby County Health Department.

Sweat said last year, one out of ten patients claimed they got a STD after meeting someone on a dating app or website.

A huge jump, considering Sweat said no one mentioned the dating apps three years ago.

He told WREG he expects the number to keep going up.

“We can’t really stop people doing a behavior like this,” said Sweat.

Instead, Sweat’s team adapted and came up with ways to fight back.

When an STD is confirmed, doctors at the health department find out who their partner was and which app they used.

“Then we or the Tennessee Department of Health can try to find this person, and discretely let them know, ‘Hey, you need to come in and be tested,’” said Sweat. “We try to convince them to do that.”

Sweat said proactive methods like these work.

STD rates in Shelby County, dubbed some of the highest in the nation, have dropped since 2009.

“Progress is being made, but we still have very high rates of sexually transmitted infections in Shelby County,” he said.

Some companies didn’t buy the claim and said there was no real evidence linking dating apps to STDs.

But users told WREG if you’re on the app, you’re likely looking for one thing.

“They’re trying to just get it on or whatever,” said Logan Simpson, who recently tried Tinder.

To get tested for STDs, head to the Shelby County Health Department.

It costs $10 for an exam, medication and treatment.

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Law suit alleging Positive Singles of violating privacy norms shows the dating site in negative light.

Despite various allegations that accuse leading STD dating site of incorrect practices, the fact remains that this dating portal has improved lives of hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. The site has changed in leaps and bounds over the years and has matured into a fully – functional and secure dating portal exclusively for people having STDs such as herpes, HIV / AIDS, HPV and HCV, among others.

The website has undergone drastic changes in the last 3 years. Inclusion of new interactive features, a brand new user interface and revamped privacy options has made this site one of the best in the STD dating segment. The recent verdict on a law suit that was filed in 2011, aims to portray Positive Singles in a negative night.

However, there is no denying the fact that Positive Singles wasn’t as advanced in the pre – 2011 era as it is today. It is the trust of its users that has made PS the number one STD dating site in the virtual world. The Successful Match group, which owns the website, has made significant changes to both the features as well as privacy policies to ensure user data isn’t compromised at any point.

The primary motive behind this move has been to instill confidence among users who wish to find a companion or friend on this site. A couple of law suits were filed against the company in the recent past too. Nevertheless, none were competent enough to damage the company’s reputation. With the loyal user base and trust that this site has managed to build over the years, the Successful Match group is sure to emerge victorious yet again.

In fact, dating and relationship experts believe that is working for a noble cause. Bringing together STD positive singles from various corners of the world to one single platform, where they all are united isn’t an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, the site that began operations in 2001 managed to do it with perfection and the increasing membership base is a proof of this.

Medical experts believe that the chances of transmission of an STD increase manifold when a person having an STD initiates sexual or sometimes physical contact with a healthy person. In case a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, it is recommended that he / she take adequate precautions while engaging in any sort of a sexual behavior. Moreover, in an ideal scenario getting physical with another STD – infected individual is a safest thing to do. is where you can get in touch with STD – infected people from across the globe. It is a large community wherein every person is willing to lend support and accept the other person regardless of their medical condition. In fact, it has been observed that people bond better when they have something in common. Another parameter that takes this site far ahead of its competitors is the information is provides to users.

Positive Singles isn’t just a dating portal for people with an STD. It is where people can get to know more about their health, possible treatment methods and STD care locations in their area. Every aspect of STDs is covered here thereby giving its users the confidence of leading an absolutely normal life.

The site has a dedicated forums page and a blog where users can share their ideas and opinions pertaining to anything under the sky. Dating tips and advice can prove to be critical for those new to the world of online STD dating. Users can also get in touch with a live STD counselor to get their queries regarding their medical condition resolved. There are over 1600 success stories that users can check out in order to assess the benefits that people have received through this dating portal.

The unparalleled success of Positive Singles can be owed to the aforementioned reasons.

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