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Herpes-Did you know?

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If you think you are alone think again. The 2015 statistics show otherwise.

In the United Sates, 25 percent of Americans live with an incurable STD. There are 500,000 new cases of genital herpes each year in the United States. The annual cost associated with genital herpes is a whopping $250,000.000!

16.2 percent of Americans age 14-49 have genital herpes and 80 percent of adults have oral herpes or cold sores. Think about that for a second and realize that almost everyone around you has experienced a form of herpes.

We can break this down a little further by looking at the fact that 20 percent of women are infected with genital herpes compared to just 11 percent of men. This shows us that women are much more at risk then men.

Ladies are you wondering why your risk is so much greater? Thank your vagina– the lining of the vagina is thinner and more delicate than the skin on a penis so it make it easier for viruses and bacteria to penetrate. The vagina also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and flourish.

The statistics also show that while 39.2 percent of African Americans are infected with genital herpes only 12.3 percent of Caucasians are infected. There is not a real clear answer as to why African Americans are at such a higher risk.

The studies show that, in conjunction with the statistics of women being at a higher risk, African American women have the highest of all risks. They mostly account this to the number of people who are infected and don’t know it. Which leads to the next shocking statistic; 80 percent of those with herpes are unaware they are infected! Again, that is nearly everyone who is infected. This is a result of women who have outbreaks inside the vagina and are therefore unaware or the fact that only 10% of people infected actually have an outbreak. If you are infected but showing no symptoms you are still contagious 10% of the time. This means that it is important to get tested so that you are not unknowingly increasing these statistics.

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How to continue with your love life and dating after Herpes?

Like everyone else who is involved in dating, you never think twice about safe sex, STDs, or getting yourself or your partner tested, isn’t it? Have you been diagnosed with Herpes? Do you feel that your love life is over after being diagnosed with Herpes? These are just myths and here are a few tips that can help you understand and assist you in continuing your love life and dating after herpes:

Confide in your partner: It is always the hardest thing to do once you are sure that you have been detected with Herpes. But the right thing is to let your partner know about it. Whether I is a five year relationship or a five months fling, it always comes down to the complication when you have to unveil it to your partner. It is advisable to confide in your partner about the syndrome so that you both find ways to stay safe and secure.

Practice safer sex: It is advisable to that you practice safer sex once you have discovered that you have Herpes. Prevention is better than cure. Always use protection whenever you have sex as the precautious measures would save you from the horror. There are special condoms available which also cover the testicle of males. Whenever you plan to have anal or oral sex, use anal diaphragms and shower cap condoms. These are the measures that can help in transmitting the syndrome.

Clear your doubts: You can smoothly continue your love life after being diagnosed with Herpes. It isn’t necessary that you have to live in the sad bubble that your love life is ended and there isn’t anything interesting or happening left. Instead, clear all your doubts and risks with your partner. Research about your syndrome and carry all the safety measures that can help you and your partner.

It is advisable to follow the aforementioned tips as they can help you lead your love life smoothly after being diagnosed with Herpes. Always remember that this is not the end of your life, every fifth person around the world is diagnosed with Herpes yet they lead a happy and lively life. If you have a true and genuine partner, he/she wouldn’t mind if you have been detected with Herpes. So, make sure that you are with the one who values you.

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Living With Herpes – Is It a Joke?

In order to keep yourself inconspicuous, do you show emotion or a reaction when a movie makes fun of herpes or when someone you know or don’t know cracks a joke about it? Does it bother you or do you just chalk it up to ignorance about the condition?

One of the biggest problems that people with STDs, experience, is that of social stigma. A lot of people have to struggle to maintain their dignity and quality of life, despite the fact that they suffer from a disease that they didn’t ask for. The nature of the sexually transmitted diseases is such that the people, who have them, often become the butt of jokes. The insensitivity that people often show, towards STDs and the people who suffer from them, can border on cruelty. Singles with herpes find themselves being shunned out of the dating pool, those who have outbreaks are often ridiculed publicly and a lot of people live in the fear of being found out, to be suffering from the disease. Yet, often a lot of us stop ourselves from protesting against such situations, simply because we want to be part of the majority that makes fun of STDs and STIs. We simply do not want to stand out.

Genital Herpes – Is it a Joke?


Every time you hear genital herpes mentioned on the television or any other popular media, it is usually in the context of a joke or light hearted comedy. Since genital herpes is not fatal, it becomes an easy target for jokes. People who have genital herpes are seen to be sexually promiscuous, stupid or sometimes even considered monsters. People living with herpes are simple not seen as helpless victims. Their pain and discomfort are overlooked to make way for jeering and jibes. Those who do find these kinds of jokes offensive, are silenced because they do not want to be associated with herpes or they simply chalk this kind of behavior up to ignorance. As a result, these jokes and cruelty go unchecked and people suffering from this disease, continue to be joked about, ostracized and tormented. Even those, who have herpes themselves, will usually not say anything when they witness people making jokes about the disease, because they do not want to be exposed as having the condition themselves.

The Reality of Herpes Incidence

According to official statistics, 1 in every 5 Americans suffers from herpes. So, if people suffering from herpes are promiscuous, stupid or cheaters, then that means that one fifth of the American population or 51 million Americans would have to be labeled so. What is the likelihood of so many people being promiscuous, cheaters or stupid? Did they deserve to get this disease which gives them only pain, loneliness and rejection?

Celebrities often lend their name and credibility to raise awareness about several different diseases, but no one comes forward to raise awareness for herpes, because of the stigma attached to it. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there is so much of misinformation about the disease. The fact is that herpes is just a viral disease, and most of the people who have it unknowingly pass it to others, or they get infected themselves. They are just normal people like you and me and were just unlucky enough to get infected through an infected partner. They may not be promiscuous and may have got it from an infected loyal, loving partner. Some people may just be born with it. So they should be left to live with dignity and if you are someone who has herpes, you should not fear ridicule from the society. Just live your life free of any stress, because there are still a lot of people who understand that herpes is just a disease and not a choice.

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Pregnancy and Herpes – Important Considerations

While herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, it can also be transmitted from an infected mother to her unborn child. Transmission of herpes through mother to child is usually very rare, so if you have herpes, it is unlikely that your child will necessarily have it too. The most difficult situation would be if you get infected with the virus during the later months of your pregnancy. When an unborn baby catches herpes from its mother, the condition is known as neonatal herpes. With some extra care, you can make sure that both you and your baby remain fine through the pregnancy.

When is Your Baby Likely to Be Affected?


If you were infected before you became pregnant, your baby is most likely to be fine. This is because during the time that you were infected, your body would have made antibodies, and these would fight off the virus before it can harm your baby. Even if you have an outbreak during late pregnancy, or if you are having an outbreak when you give birth, your baby is still likely to be safe. If you contract herpes during the first trimester, it can have a negative effect on your unborn baby. Most women who have just contracted the disease would most likely have a miscarriage. If you get infected during the first trimester, immediately see your doctor, who will then refer you to specialist care. You will be given proper antiviral medications to improve your symptoms and prevent shedding of the virus. The worst case scenario is if you get infected in late pregnancy. This is a real cause for worry because your baby may catch the virus from you. The likelihood of transmission increases if you have a vaginal delivery, in which case the baby may catch the virus from an open sore.

How Can Your Baby Be Affected?

If your baby contracts the infection from you, there are two ways the infection could manifest. Some babies are born with sores or rashes on their skin, mouth or eyes. These types of infections are easy to treat and can be easily treated using antiviral medication. If the infection is more serious, it could affect the baby’s central nervous system. There is some treatment available for such infections, but even though the treatment may be successful, your baby may still sustain some nerve damage.

Prevention and Precautions


If you have been diagnosed with herpes, this could be really helpful because you can prepare for your pregnancy accordingly. You should keep visiting your doctor regularly and look out for signs of infection. If you want, you can ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist, who can give you antiviral medications to prevent transmission of the infection. If you have lesions during the last trimester, schedule a c-section with your doctor. A c-section ensures that your baby would not get infected through your open sores at the time of birth. If you do not have any lesions at the time of birth, you can easily have a vaginal delivery without any worries.

Important note:

If you have a partner with genital herpes, it is important to avoid any sexual contact during your pregnancy. Since the danger to your unborn baby is most when if the transmission occurs during pregnancy, it is best to take all possible precautions by consulting with a doctor.

Top Tips for Pregnant Women with Herpes

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Having Sex With Herpes – Everything You Want to Know

Just because you have been diagnosed with herpes, it does not mean that you cannot have a fulfilling sex life. Though your sex life will get slightly more complicated than it ever was before, there is no reason for you to believe that it is the end of the road for you. In fact, millions of people living with herpes have been able to create a normal, fulling functioning life for themselves. If you have a steady partner, or you are just beginning to date, you may have a lot of questions about your sexual life, what is appropriate and safe, and what should be completely avoided. Here’s what you need to know.

Is There Any Safe Period for Sex?


Absolutely yes! If you want to have intimate relations with someone who does or does not have herpes, you can certainly go ahead. However, you must remember that the only safe periods during which you can have sex are those between two consecutive outbreaks. When you have sores on your genitals, it is best if you do not indulge in any sexual activities. This would include vaginal or anal intercourse, as well as giving or receiving oral sex. The sores and scabs are infective, and if you do not take proper precautions, you may pass on the herpes virus to your partner, so have a little patience and you can reward yourself when your outbreak is over.

When Can I Infect My Partner?

The herpes simplex virus is sexually communicable and you may never know when it gets transmitted. Even when you do not have any open sores or an outbreak, you can still infect your partner. Research shows that there is a 4% to 10% chance of transmitting the virus when you are not experiencing an outbreak. When you are experiencing an outbreak, the chances to pass the infection on to your partner are the highest. However, you can very significantly reduce the chances of passing the infection to your partner if you always practice safe sex. Whether you have an outbreak or not, if you always wear a latex condom when you have sex, you can stay away from the spread of the infection, making the incidence of transmission almost negligible.

Protection Against HSV Transmission

Condoms and safe sex

Condoms are usually considered the most effective way of preventing viral transmissions. It is essential to know all the facts before you can make an informed decision. While condoms can reduce the chances of spread of the infection, their efficiency is only 50%. If you use condoms when you do not have an outbreak, the chances of transmission become 2% to 5%, down by 50% from 4% to 10%. A combination of the viral suppression therapy, using antiviral medications, and condoms, is usually the most effective. Using this combination, the threat of virus transmission is mitigated to a large extent, making it almost safe to have sex at all times. If you want to perform oral sex with a person who has herpes, a dental dam can be helpful. This is a latex based device that prevents skin on skin contact while performing oral sex, and makes oral sex much safer than it would have if you hadn’t used any protection.

Important note:

Though we have mentioned some of the most important points you need to know to have sex with an infected partner, it is always better and advisable to get a suggestion from a trained consultant or doctor. Have a great time with your partner and be safe at the same time!

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How Can You Prevent Herpes Outbreak – Protective Measures for You

The herpes simplex virus causes a lot of uncomfortable symptoms including cold sores, shingles, post herpetic neuralgia and even canker sores. Though a person suffering from herpes can usually lead a normal life, an outbreak can be really painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can prolong periods of remission. There are some factors which cause herpes outbreaks, and the easiest way to prevent them is to avoid these factors. Here are some tips you can use to prevent a herpes outbreak.

Improved Immune System


If you have a weak immune system, the virus would be active more regularly. If you are stressed, sleep deprived, or feeling low, your immune system will take a hit. Eating healthy, nutritious food, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ensure that you have good immunity. If you are sick, take proper medications and medical help so that you can get back to your optimum health levels quickly. The key is to ensure that your immune system is very healthy because a weak immune system allows the virus to replicate more rapidly and easily, causing outbreaks.

Protecting Your Skin


Ultraviolet rays of the sun are known to trigger herpes outbreaks by making the herpes simplex virus more active. Doctors always encourage their patients to take adequate precautions when they are stepping out in the sun. You can wear a sunscreen with adequate SPF to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. You should also protect your skin from any superficial trauma wounds or injuries, because that can trigger canker sores – especially on the mouth, lips and tongue.

Nutritious Meals


There are two main considerations in your diet. The first is to avoid arginine, an amino acid which can trigger an outbreak of herpes; and the second is the include lysine, which inhibits the herpes simplex virus. Chocolate, almonds and peanuts are rich in arginine, and therefore should be avoided as much as possible. On the other hand, foods such as poultry, legumes, fish and vegetables contain large amounts of lysine, which is good for the prevention of herpes outbreaks. In addition to this, you should also avoid consuming alcohol or smoking, as both of these can cause significant damage to your health, lower your immunity and trigger a herpes outbreak.



Consume supplements and foods that help purify your blood and detoxify your body. These help suppress the herpes virus, allowing you to be symptom free for a longer period of time. Consuming herbal teas and herbs that help detoxify your blood can significantly contribute to ensuring better health and longer periods of remission.

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