Our site aims to provide the best services to its users. Although the major forte of the website pertains to dating, we hope to make this a complete package for people with herpes where they can find all the useful information about the infection. We do not assure that everyone will experience the same benefits from this site.

We do not take any responsibility of the individuals in case they decide to meet in person. We do not take any guarantee on the kind of people on the website although their details are verified in case they opt for premium membership. Herpes-Dating.com is only accountable for what happens on the website and users are free to report any person who is harassing them. We follow a strict anti – spam policy and any attempt to promote spam, shall be dealt seriously and may also lead to termination of the account.

All the information available on this website, pertaining to treatment of herpes is written in a general sense and isn’t specific to any particular set of symptoms. Medical conditions and symptoms are also discussed in general and may vary from one individual to another. Any information on this website cannot be considered as medical advice and isn’t recommended as reference for doctors.

Any piece of information available here cannot be treated as an alternative to medical advice from your STD specialist or physician. We do not claim any responsibility of any person who has used this website as a sole information source during his treatment / diagnosis.

We suggest our readers to consult a physician as soon as they witness any symptoms of herpes or related sexually transmitted diseases. In case you are suffering from a medical condition, the best thing to do is seek medical attention immediately. Never ignore, neglect, delay or discontinue any ongoing treatment because of information furnished on this website.

Herpes-Dating.com does not take any guarantee of information on this website. We advice our readers not to rely completely on the information published on this site and always have a professional approach towards this infection.

Furthermore, herpes dating tips available here aren’t applicable to every individual. Requirements and preferences change with the individual and the tips are formulated to cater to a wide section of the audience in general. You may customize the tips provided by us for a better dating experience and to increase your chances of finding an ideal match.

By using this site you agree to the aforementioned conditions and are not liable to hold the website responsible for any unforeseen happenings. Furthermore, you agree that you understand that the information under various section sections of the website isn’t suitable for a medical practitioner. All the medical issues should be discussed with your physician or health care provider.

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