Do General Dating Sites Work for People with Herpes to Find Love Online?

Once you have understood the nature of herpes and gained a fair deal of knowledge on the same, it’s fair to consider getting into a relationship, provided you are currently not into one. This can be a tricky phase as you are opening up to something you haven’t done before.

People with herpes don’t prefer socializing or dating for one simple reason – fear of rejection or being judged. Individuals feel that their image might get tainted when others get to know about their medical condition.

Now that online dating has completely taken over traditional dating, it would be wise to get onto one such platform. Modern dating websites boast of an extensive feature – set that can help users interact with people residing in any part of the world. However, things tend to get a little complicated for those with an STD like herpes.

General- Dating-Sites

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When it comes to online dating, the websites or platforms can be broadly classified into 2 categories – HSV dating sites and general dating sites.

Out of all the websites on the internet, herpes – specific websites are probably the best platforms for people with herpes. Many people with herpes prefer having a partner who already has the virus. This way, the virus cannot get transmitted once again to the other person. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the chances of rejection as both the partners share the same virus. This makes the “I need to speak with you” conversation avoidable or easier.

There are innumerable websites that cater to herpes dating. However, not many are known to deliver top – notch services. A majority of these websites are user – friendly and have plenty of users, thereby making it easier for you to find a partner. If not a romantic partner, you can surely find a friend.

On the other hand, there are general dating websites that have users from various walks of life. It isn’t necessary that members on such websites have an STD. This makes it very difficult for people with herpes target the right persons for dating. In case you have herpes and choose a general dating website to find your dream date, chances of getting rejected are extremely high.

Moreover, in this way, you will have to make it clear that you have herpes and things cannot be as easygoing as with any other relationship. The reason behind this is others don’t like dating people with herpes fearing transmission of the virus by physical contact.

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to find an ideal match on a general dating website. If you are not scared of rejections and take dating in a sporting manner, choosing a dating platform is hardly of any consequence.