Herpes has taught me a lot about life

Although I have understood the importance of such experience in developing a developing a different perspective on life, I would never wish this dreaded disease on anyone. This is my personal experience and I believe many would connect with it, it not all.


I experienced the inflow of a certain type of strength and wisdom on facing the challenges associated with herpes. I don’t really see such qualities in other people now. Sometimes, this makes me feel superior compared to others who don’t have this. Although the way in which I got herpes wasn’t anywhere close to textbook negligence – I wasn’t using protection. Nevertheless, it has been a life changing experience and one that has made me very suspicious in the department of trust.

It has been the most challenging phase of my life that has taught me the value of love. I believe everything happens for a reason and it is only a matter of time that an event is justified. Herpes has been a blessing in disguise in my life. The one most noticeable thing about the experience is how strong it has made my connection with those who have it. Thanks to herpes dating website, I have made many friends and no longer feel left out and lonely.

Advice to others

Everything gets better with time. There is no need to be worried about whether you will find your ideal match. You’ll certainly find someone on this website who will accept you the way you are.