How to continue with your love life and dating after Herpes?

Like everyone else who is involved in dating, you never think twice about safe sex, STDs, or getting yourself or your partner tested, isn’t it? Have you been diagnosed with Herpes? Do you feel that your love life is over after being diagnosed with Herpes? These are just myths and here are a few tips that can help you understand and assist you in continuing your love life and dating after herpes:

Confide in your partner: It is always the hardest thing to do once you are sure that you have been detected with Herpes. But the right thing is to let your partner know about it. Whether I is a five year relationship or a five months fling, it always comes down to the complication when you have to unveil it to your partner. It is advisable to confide in your partner about the syndrome so that you both find ways to stay safe and secure.

Practice safer sex: It is advisable to that you practice safer sex once you have discovered that you have Herpes. Prevention is better than cure. Always use protection whenever you have sex as the precautious measures would save you from the horror. There are special condoms available which also cover the testicle of males. Whenever you plan to have anal or oral sex, use anal diaphragms and shower cap condoms. These are the measures that can help in transmitting the syndrome.

Clear your doubts: You can smoothly continue your love life after being diagnosed with Herpes. It isn’t necessary that you have to live in the sad bubble that your love life is ended and there isn’t anything interesting or happening left. Instead, clear all your doubts and risks with your partner. Research about your syndrome and carry all the safety measures that can help you and your partner.

It is advisable to follow the aforementioned tips as they can help you lead your love life smoothly after being diagnosed with Herpes. Always remember that this is not the end of your life, every fifth person around the world is diagnosed with Herpes yet they lead a happy and lively life. If you have a true and genuine partner, he/she wouldn’t mind if you have been detected with Herpes. So, make sure that you are with the one who values you.