How to handle dating when you have Herpes?

Before you have had Herpes, you might have dated just like anyone who is willing to date does. Going out to bars, meeting new people by attending social parties and trying to make new friends; however; it all changed when you discovered you are dealing with Herpes. Dating changes when you find out that you are dealing with Herpes; your perception towards dating changes and you start feeling and thinking differently. Henceforth, to help you handle dating when you have Herpes, here are a few tips:


Don’t be Judgmental: Once you discover that you are diagnosed with Herpes, don’t start judging yourself. You are just dealing with that syndrome. When you get involved with someone, it isn’t just about sex or getting physical. There is so much more to it like getting to know each other, supporting each other and discovering interesting things about one another. If you like someone and they like you as well then Herpes is just a word.


Clear it before you proceed: You don’t have to keep hiding or veiling that you are dealing with Herpes, from your partner. Some or the other day they will eventually come to know about your condition. So, it is better to clear it out before you start getting close and intimate with one another. If your partner discovers about it on their own or in some other way, it might look like a betrayal. However, it is better that you handle dating in a more truthful manner by disclosing it to your partner. If they genuinely love you, they will stick with you no matter what.


Be with the right one: There are more than 25% people around the world who are dealing with Herpes and it is one of the most common syndromes. If you are dealing with Herpes, get to know everything about the syndrome, the risks and the concerns related with it. When you are ready to let your partner know about what you are dealing with, then confide in them. The wrong person would walk away and act in a strange and mean way but the right one wouldn’t mind. Though it is always better to stay safe and use precautionary methods while dating but be with the right one who values you for who you are.


The aforementioned tips would help you handle dating when you have Herpes.