Safeguarding yourself from herpes dating – Related scams

The internet has marked its presence is almost every sphere of life. It has not only made it easy for people to make friends staying in far off places but also allows them to find love of their life or companion from the convenience of their drawing room. It has come as a boon for people with herpes as it gives them a medium to interact with similar individuals.


In fact, it has completely replaced traditional dating where people feared rejection. While online herpes dating platforms are a great tool, they are not flawless and have a fair share of disadvantages. The biggest problem associated with them is the threat from scammers, who exploit the vulnerability of herpes infected people.

This article will give you a brief overview of some of the most common threats that users of online dating websites are likely to face.

  • Impersonating a genuine user: Online dating websites are soft targets for hackers. There have been several incidents involving stealing of account credentials and misusing sensitive information. It is usually seen that scammers copy the image as well as personal information of a genuine user and create another account using the same data. The best thing you can do in order to avoid this is verify the account using your personal contact number.

Members falling victim of impersonation have faced awkward situations in which messages / flirts were sent by a scammer pretending to be a legitimate user. This form of crime is known as “Identity theft” and is punishable by law. A recent study shows that identity fraud rate among online dating websites is around 7 percent. This is very high considering the fact that most websites claim of having impenetrable firewalls.

  • Financial frauds: There are innumerable fraudsters looking to financially exploit members on dating websites. They first connect with a member who they find rich, develop an emotional attachment and after a few months ask for money. Several incidents have been reported wherein people from herpes dating websites were asked for money by another person who was apparently on a foreign trip and out of cash.If you are under the impression that you are the only person they are duping, you’re wrong. These fraudsters ask for money from several people and then disappear. They would neither turn up for an online chat nor respond to your emails.
  • Phishing Attacks: This is a very common type of hacking technique that involves creating a fake page or one resembling a very popular and frequently visited webpage. Scammers send fake website links asking members to have a look at their personal pictures. However, as users click on the link, their login credentials and other sensitive information is sent to the eavesdropper.This data can be utilized to promote malware, impersonate an already existing member’s profile, or carrying out any other kind of fraud.
  • Use photos of other members: Fraudsters make it a point to never leave any trace of their identity on the website. Setting a fake profile picture is one way by which they hide their identity. Before you connect with any person on herpes dating website or start interacting with him or her, ensure that the photo is original. You can do so by performing an image search using that picture.In case you find similar images or the same image, it’s evident that the profile isn’t genuine and you are very likely to fall into a trap set by the fraudster.
  • Beware of medicine scams: There might be a few people who might invite you to join some club in your city. Perform adequate research before you join any club. They might appear to be support groups but in reality it is a medicine scam wherein they might convince you to pay a huge amount for herpes cure.On thing that you should bear in mind is that there is no cure for herpes. One you contract herpes, you have it for lifetime. Nonetheless, the symptoms might become less severe as the body develops a certain kind of immunity towards it. The best you can do is to use suppressants such as acyclovir that would reduce the severity of herpes symptoms.
  • Pretending to show interest in you: You might meet many people on herpes dating websites who might pretend to be interested in you and show sympathy. Be careful of those who are desperate to go out with you. These people might ask you to meet them at expensive restaurants or ask you money.One thing that you need to understand is that any person with herpes would be hesitant to meet you or talk about relationship in the first place. If you feel that things are going a tad too fast, there is definitely something fishy about it.
  • Those who fake having herpes: There are many people on herpes dating websites who have the infection but instead of finding support from others, all the need is a partner to have sex with. Such kind of a relationship is short – lived as such people stay with you only to have their sexual desires fulfilled. There is no sense of genuineness in these relationships.

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