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Why should you date people with the same STD?

STDs or sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV, HSV are pretty common these days. In fact, according to recent statistics, over 700 million worldwide carry an STD. Furthermore, it is shocking that these statistics pertain to reported cases. Another study shows that more than 50 percent of the people having a sexually transmitted disease aren’t aware of their infection.

same thing

Ignorance or lack of knowledge leads to spread of these diseases. When a person carrying the herpes simplex virus or any other STD engages in a physical relationship with a clean and healthy person, it is extremely likely that the virus will get transmitted. Although the chances of transmitting reduce significantly by the use of adequate protection, failure to diagnose the disease in time, leads to severe consequences.

A sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, which causes contamination through direct contact besides sexual intercourse, is extremely difficult to diagnose as it doesn’t show symptoms in a few cases. However, experts from the industry believe that people should be cautious before getting in a physical relationship. Another study reveals that women are 4 times more likely of getting herpes compared to men. This is why using a condom is always advised.

On the other hand, if you have already been diagnosed with herpes and are seeking a partner for long term relationship, the best thing to do is get onto a herpes dating site and find your ideal match. There are innumerable dating websites exclusive to people with herpes and similar STDs. Irrespective of whether you have HSV – 1 or HSV -2, these platforms have hundreds of thousands of people like you.

A sexually transmitted disease such as herpes is usually viewed in the wrong light by people. This is a result of sheer ignorance and lack of proper information. Although there will be people willing to accept you, in order to stay on the safer side, it is better to find a partner who already has herpes. There are several advantages of dating a person with herpes, a few of those are as follows –Eliminates chances of transmission as the other person already has the virus.

He / she can understand you better than any other person.
A person who already has herpes will give you the requisite mental and physical support.

As he / she would know the vulnerabilities associated with herpes, he will follow adequate precautions in case you decide to get physical.In case you have made up your mind to find the person of your dreams who shall stay with you through thick and thin, there is no better place than a herpes dating website. In addition to helping you connect with likeminded people, these sites give a great deal of information on herpes, STD care locations, treatment stories and much more.

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